About Us

Capers Paradise – The name and back bone of the company was formed after a past fishing trip to Gran Canaria when we came stumbling across the famous Lake chira a hidden jewel of the Atlantic Ocean. With the lake being roughly 900 meters above sea level, its amazing scenery with breath taking views was really drawing us in and giving that empathy feeling there was nowhere else like this in the world.

The lake just oozed carp and plenty of rod bending action, not to mention the stamp of fish are some of the most stunning looking carp we had ever set eyes on.


LA GOMERA is located on a tiny island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean just a short 40 minutes ferry crossing from the popular holiday destination of Tenerife. The lake is set 2000 meters above sea level in the mountains. and has been visited by the likes of Danny Fairbrass from Korda and Kevin Nash and Alan Blair of Nash tackle This destination is for the true carp globe trotter due to its wild nature. The carp in this wild Jurassic venue are truly something of the past, and are absolute crackers as you can see from the photos, after meeting with the guys that was dealing with the lake and its fishing rights it was safe to say it ticked all the boxes to add the second part of the puzzle to the Carpers Paradise Brand.


As for the third Venue this a 260-acre lake based in Slovenia part off the Eastern European Carp circuit, a un heard of monster carp water is one way to describe this stunning venue With incredible stocks and picturesque views that’s surrounded by green, green and more green with its abundance of pine trees and Slovenian style log cabins in the distance that can be seen whilst you relax and catch carp on your holiday in the beauty and peace we have created.

Growing as a brand

Lake Chira was our first venue we set up and made our mark with our 5 star service with 3 star prices  after  experiencing hands on that previous company’s operating on the venue where not doing it to its full potential and to a high standard meeting anglers at carp shows and listening to there horror story’s we decided to set our standards high from the off, and make sure we wasn’t like the previous company’s. Carpers Paradise Gran Canaria has helped us develop to what we are as a company today.

Ideally we didn’t want to stop at Gran Canaria, but we  knew it was going to be a lot of man hours traveling the European circuit in search of other venues that we would fit under the Carpers Paradise name, so after viewing and testing many lakes in France and around Europe as we was always looking for that something different to create an anglers dream holiday.

We found this lake after travelling around Croatia and looking at many venues, but unfortunately most of them we came across didn’t have a catch and release policy. After being introduced to Krisjian, who is part of a government for the local area he informed us of this venue and assured us that it had a catch and release policy. Better still it had the potential to meet our high standards and was welcomed into the Carpers Paradise brand as another awesome venue.

Krisjian assured us we wont be disappointed after getting permission to be allowed to fish this once private harvesting lake. The excitement and adrenaline that we both felt was pumping to say the least, as we had heard it was full of big  fish but with no real knowledge on the way to approach the water we opted to go for our normal European tactics, with big beds of bait being our feature as these are hungry wild carp. After our first fishing experience we was far from disappointed as we landed numerous fish with a very good head of them being 40lb+ commons with the biggest going over 50lb and that was only in a few days fishing. We can only describe these fish as immaculate pristine fish with the lake holding some absolute monsters up to 78lb+ so far.

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