Rules & Tips

General Rules

  • Under no circumstances is any rubbish or used cigarettes to be left around your pod, so please use bins provided inside. When bins are full please use the Whatsapp service to request rubbish clearance.
  • Smoking cigarettes, vapes or other substances inside your pod is prohibited. If you do, you will lose your security deposit.
  • It is prohibited to bring alcohol on to the complex. The mini bars are stocked with beers, and there is a wine menu available. If you bring alcohol on site, you will lose your security deposit.
  • Fires are only permitted within the fire pits on the pod decking. If you require logs, please use the Whatsapp service to order. Before you go to bed please ensure you put water on the embers.
  • No screaming, shouting or loud behavior is allowed on site. If this happens, you will receive one warning and will be asked to leave if it happens for a second time, with no refunds.
  • The main gate to the farm closes at 7pm. Once it is closed, you are locked in for the night, unless the event of an emergency. If this is the case then please contact a member of staff. Otherwise, the gates reopen at 6am.
  • No guests or family are allowed to visit by, unless authorised by management, as this is private property.
  • Vehicles are parked in the car park at your own risk.

Fishing Rules & Tips

  • No fixed-lead rigs may be used, minimum hook, size 8, and we advise using 2oz leads.

  • No unattended rods. Under any circumstances, such as, if you leave rods to go to the toilet, or to visit a friends pod, you will receive one warning and the second time you will be asked to leave.

  • Barbed hooks only. Micro-barbed preferred.

  • Minimum of 15lb line. No braid.

  • All fish caught must be retained carefully and treated with Carp Care Kit. ALL ANGLERS MUST OWN A CARP CARE KIT.

  • If needed, always release the fish back into water in the retainer. Do not carry the fish over the decking in your hands. If you drop a fish or damage one, you will be charged accordingly.

  • You must NOT bring your landing net; weigh sling or cradle on site. We provide this equipment for you to use and they must be used. These are checked daily and any damaged will be charged to your security deposit.

  • Please bring your own rod pods or stage stand, no bank sticks.
  • You are more than welcome to bring and use bait boats.
  • Be prepared to use zig rigs, solid bags and long rigs/helicopter rigs to combat deep silt.
  • The lake is fed on our bait which is available to purchase on site, we also recommend pop ups.
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